MathFilm Festival 2008

The MathFilm Festival 2008 is an international competition for films and videos about mathematics. A representative selection of films was shown nationwide in Germany. A collection of short films was published on the MathFilm DVD.

The festival aims to attract a broad audience: students, teachers, and everyone with an interest in mathematics. Films about mathematics, documentaries about mathematicians and short videos dealing with mathematical research or education topics are solicited. An international jury has decided which of the submissions become part of the festival. The MathFilm DVD with selected short videos was published by Springer and awards were given away for the best films in the festival as chosen by both jury and festival audience.

We invite you

There is a list of films for organizers of local events in Germany.

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The MathFilm Festival 2008 is part of the “Year of Mathematics 2008” in Germany, a project initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Federal Ministry of Education and Research Matheon - Mathematics for key technologies Freie Universität Berlin Wissenschaftsjahr 2008 - Jahr der Mathematik
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